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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blackberry outage December 22 due to air travel delays-VIDEO


The blogs and newsites like The Globe and Mail UK are reporting a nationwide Blackberry outage. While I have a Blackberry and haven't experienced a phone or text message outage, I have had an email update delay of several hours to this point in time.

This has to be related to several developments: 1) the large use of Blackberry service during this Christmas week, 2) Research In Motion's obvious capacity-handling problems, and 3) a lack of planning to deal with this problem which has reportedly happened twice in December, the last time being the 17th of the month.

NBC Los Angeles reports that RIM has explained they're aware of the outage and are working to fix it, but did not give a timetable. The front page of the Blackberry website has no message about the problem.

I personally noticed a lot of dropped calls this afternoon while I was connecting flights at a crowded Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Another possible reason for this is the number of people using their Blackberry phones while traveling in this terrible winter weather blanketing the East Coast and causing air travel delays.

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