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Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Brooke Mueller was reportedly legally drunk when she called 911 Christmas morning

Law enforcement sources have told website that Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller was legally drunk when she called 911 at 8:34 this morning, a call which led to the arrest of Sheen. According to the source, Sheen registered a buzzin’ .04 but Brooke was Hasselhoff the charts with a .13!
Also, Brooke reportedly recanted her testimony just before Charlie’s bail hearing, admitting she was drunk at the time of the call. Officials tell the site that they plan on still pursuing the case for now.
Oh, and another tidbit of info – the lean mean fightin’ Charlie Sheen has hired big-gun Colorado lawyer Richard Cummins for his defense.
This story just gets wackier and wackier! I’m reminded of the time Tiger Woods drove his Cadillac escalade into a neighbor’s tree. Anyone remember that? Now we just need some mistresses to start falling out of this new tree. It’s Charlie Sheen! they’ve got to be out there!

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