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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ECW Results 12/15/09

ECW on SyFy
Laredo, Texas
.December 16th 2009
Commentators: Byron Sexton & Josh Matthews

Credit Chris Kelly of The Wrestling Lounge

A video package is shown then highlighting that Kane has been invited to ECW by ECW GM Tiffany before the ECW video package hits and we are welcomed to ECW live in Texas! Maria will be a guest on The Abraham Washington show.

Tiffany is in the ring and she puts over Shelton and Christian’s match at TLC before inviting out Shelton and The ECW Champion Christian to the ring. Christian is sporting a black eye that apparently had 7 stitches in it after the match. They shake hands as Tiffany calls their match awesome and said it stole the show before thanking them on behalf on the WWE Universe. Shelton thanks the crowd for inspiring them for encouraging them to take risks and make ECW what it is today. Shelton then asks for a match and as Tiffany is about to accept this, William Regal walks out with The Round Table

Regal insults Tiffany and Shelton before calling Kane a monster and asking Tiffany if she is mental for inviting him back. Tiffany informs Regal that she has set up an ECW Home Coming that will see former ECW talent facing current ECW stars over the next few weeks to see who will face Christian at the Royal Rumble

We see The Ripper heading to the ring for his match with The Hurricane as we head to the break


Savannah is the ring announcer by the way

The Hurricane vs. The Ripper

They lock up before Hurricane locks in a headlock before pulling Ripper’s hair and going to the outside. Hurricane is brought back in the ring via a suplex after being dropped out the barricade. The Ripper hit’s a clothesline before getting a two count so he power slams his rival and ascends the top rope but is cut off and is caught by a Hurricanana from the opposite corner . The Ripper gets the upper hand before being hit with a Tornado DDT and being unmasked by The Hurricane. Of course, The Ripper is none other than Paul Burchill!. Hurricane then hit’s the shinning Wizard and gets the 3 count

Winner The Hurricane

We are then shown a video package of last nights Slammy Award based shown. The Abraham Washington Show with Maria is plugged as we head to a break


In the back we see Katie Lea and Paul Burchill leaving ECW but they are interviewed with Gregory Helms and this causes Burchill to scream and leave,

Abraham Washington walks out after being introduced by Tony Atlas. Abe puts himself over as the crowd boos him. Abe then says he wants to report a robbery and that was him not winning The Breaking Out Wrestler of the year before bring out The Diva of the Year Maria

Abe asks the crowd not to whistle as he is trying to conduct an interview before showing Batista doing his best Kanye West impression by invading Maria acceptance speech. Maria tells Abe shes not embarrassed by that as she ACAULTY won a slammy unlike Abe. Abe then runs down the slammy calling it a woman’s slammy since its “probably wears a skirt and make up” After Maria insults Abe a little more, Abe demands that Tony Atlas ends the show. We then see Vladimir Kozlov in the back warming up with William Regal as we head to a break


Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Both these monster circle the ring before having a stare down and exchanging blows with Zeke getting the upper hand by slamming Kozlov to the floor and going to shout at Regal which allows Kozlov to head but him in the stomach.

Kozlov runs the ropes and is tripped down by William Regal and this allows Zeke to hit his standing Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Kozlov rolls to the outside to confront Regal but is jumped from behind and slammed into the announcer’s table.Trent Berretta & Caylen Croft are shown in the back playing on Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and run down DX


Trent Berretta & Caylen Croft vs. Two Local wrestlers

*My TV screwed up for must the match* End came when Trent Berretta & Caylen Croft hit a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo

Winners Trent Berretta & Caylen Croft

Backstage we see Goldust talking to Yoshi Tatsu about Raw before Kane walks up and says people call him a freak and walks off

Announced for next week, Jack Swagger vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Kane vs. Zach Ryder

Ryder attempts to use his speed but this fails as he is hit with a punch and a drop kick by Kane who then power slams Mr Woo Woo Woo from the top rope then hitting a side walk power slam. Kane goes for a choke slam but Ryder gets to the ropes so Kane has to break the hold and this allows Ryder to chop down the monster and use his speed to hid advantage.

Ryder keeps working the leg until he walks straight into a giant right fist but Ryder goes for a leg lariet is caught but manages to escape only to be caught by a chokeslam for the 3 count

Winner Kane


ECW thoughts

As reported earlier in the week, WWE is looking to rebrand ECW and I think we are seeing the first steps of that with the ECW Homecoming. I like the concept as we could easily see guys like RVD return for one night as well as talent from other brands.
Regal continues to be a fanatic asset to ECW as he can make any feud interesting and WWE hit us all with a swerve by having Regal turn on Kozlov to join Regal. Everyone thought it would be a face Zeke vs. heel Kozlov but I think this could be very interesting

Trent Berretta & Caylen Croft don’t interest me at all and I’m not going lie, I still don’t know who is who bur at least they have a cool finisher

Speaking of finishing, I think WWE could have dragged out the demasking of Paul Burchill as now he really has no reason to appear on ECW which is kind of annoying as I like both Katie Lea and Paul Burchill. I’m hoping they get moved to Raw or SD instead of being released

The Abraham Washington Show was decent, not the best we have seen but Maria was a good host and aslong as you have Tony Atlas laughing in the background, I am all for it.

Next week should be fun as we will see Jack Swagger return to face Yoshi Tatsu in which I believe will be a decent match. Who eles will return for this? We will have to wait and see

Overall a good show of wrestling

Rating: B

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