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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder? Who is Eddie Vedder? What is current going on about Eddie Vedder?

Eddie Vedder is an american musician and singer's song writer for chalenging the lyrics to a song recorded for the "INTO THE WILD" sound track. The great rocker Eddie Vedder is fighting legal action from a canadian singer-songwriter gor chalenging the lyrics to a song he recorded for a beutiful song "Into the Wild" soundtrack.

Eddie Vedder has struck in the copyright lawsuit.

There a suit has been filed against Eddie Vedder. the papers of the suit regarding Eddie Vedder has been filed in new york's Manhantan Federal court according this suit Eddie Vedder has modified the original lyrics in respect to 'Hard Sun' eroding the integrity of the composition.

Peterson whose pen name is Indio was fumed after the realisation for the alteration of certain key lyrics. he is asking for all profits from the "acts of infringerment."

Eddie Vedder's lawyer, Gregory Clark is denying the charge completely. He told New York post that they don't see any basis for the copyright infringement.

we are waiting for the final decision fromt the court.

watch the full videos of Eddie Vedder at the URL below, just copy and paste the URL below to your address bar now:

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