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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evangelist Oral Roberts Dead Breaking News

Oral Roberts was more than just a mission, a ministry or a university; He was a patriarch.

The News on 6 sat down with his granddaughter to talk about the man behind the ministry.

"We had known this morning. My dad called and said it's happening," said Jordan Roberts, Oral's Granddaughter.

Despite the warning, Jordan Roberts says hearing her grandfather was gone was a shock.

"You can never be prepared even when you know it's coming you're never quite ready," Jordan said. "It's an immediate sense of sadness and loss for someone that you love very much."

Love that stretched around the globe, news of Oral Roberts death spread fast and the phones started lighting up, prayers from as far away as Africa and England.

To Jordan, Oral Roberts was just her "Andy," as he was known in the family.

She is following in his footsteps by working in the ministry's TV program. She says she was literally born into it.

"When I was born my father and grandfather decided that they wanted to put it on TV," Jordan said.

Oral never made it.

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