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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fire and Ice Fireplace Breaking News & Video

In Tulsa there have been a series of house fires which seem to have been set by an unusual firething, a cold snap.

The cold snap which started the fires on Thursday night, burnt four homes and displaced almost a dozen people.

There were no injuries reported but there was significant damage caused reported Bill French, a Fire department spokesman.

The fires bring even more thought that fire safety is needed especially during these chilly conditions.

The change to Winter, finds that people tend to use plug in heaters, along with other heat sources, which in turn tend to start more fires than usual. The number of winter fires caused by heat sources increases, but the number of overall fires stays about the same, French said.

He also added that space heaters and the overloading of extension cords, especially due to Christmas lights are some of the worst offenders.

“Fireplaces are actually fairly safe,” French said. “The problem with anything other than a fireplace is people leave combustible materials close to them.”

The major fire on Thursday was started when a man added a large log to a fire that he had started at around 5.15 in his fireplace, this is when the flames became too intense and spread into the chimney and attic.

Normally pine logs would not be used in fireplaces due to their large production of soot that clogs a chimney.

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