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Monday, December 28, 2009

Get ready for 'Cupcake Wars'

"Cupcake Wars"

Imagine a "Top Chef" challenge that involves - gasp! - desserts. Now imagine that the chefs can only make cupcakes. (Horrors!) That's the scenario of this Food Network show, which pits four cupcake members against each other as they try to make the best cupcakes. It makes sense. Cupcakes are a pretty trendy dessert. The winner will get his or her cupcakes served at a big awards ceremony. 10 p.m. Food Network


As I looked at the name of this History Channel program, I thought it clever. A little cheeky, if you will. It's a show about champion chess players, right? Wrong. It's a series about a family that owns a Las Vegas pawn shop, which means that it's yet another reality show that involves lots of drama. In this case, you get drama from Las Vegas characters and from the three generations of men who run the shop. 10 p.m. History

"Everest: beyond the limit"

It's Sunday, and that means lying around reading the Sunday paper. While you're doing that, ponder what it would be like to climb Mount Everest. Feel like a slacker yet? If not, you will after watching this show about the 2009 climbing season. 8 p.m. Discovery Channel

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