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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Glee Sectionals Episode 13 Video HD

You can't always get what you wantYou can't always get what you want in Glee Episode Sectionals!

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I’m still in awe after watching tonight’s fall finale of Glee. This episode was some of the most heartfelt, goosebumps-inducing television I’ve seen in a while. For us Gleeks, it’s going to be a LONG four months…but alas, let’s get onto the episode! There’s a lot to cover!

Gossip is abuzz in the halls of William McKinley as news of Puck being the father of Quinn’s baby gets out. Mercedes is talking with her fellow glee clubbers who she confided in to make sure that Rachel does not find out. But after tricking Quinn and overhearing her conversation with Puck, Rachel finds out and realizes that poor Finn is still in the dark. She tells him and next thing we know, he’s pounding his fist into Puck’s head while Quinn cries and the rest of the group looks on in horror. Quinn comes forward with the truth and Finn yells that he is done with her and glee as he kicks a chair and storms out in tears.

In the midst of all this drama, they are trying to prepare for sectionals without Will. He tries to recruit another faculty member to be the chaperone and Emma agrees to take the kids even though it is on her wedding day. She assures Will she can just get married later that day and that Ken understands she’s doing it for the kids. But in reality, Ken is fed up and knows that she did it for Will.

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