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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Looking for a Zhu Zhu Pet? Try Neopets

If you’re frantically trying to find a Zhu Zhu pet somewhere, don’t worry. There are alternatives. Who who, you say? Zhu Zhu (Zhu Zhu is Chinese for “little pig” and is pronounced “joo joo”) pets are probably the hottest holiday toy gift right now — and are nearly impossible to find at regular price due to demand. They are plush robotic hamsters that coo, purr, sleep, and do other cute animal-like things. Once available at Toys R Us, Zhu Zhu pets have flown off the shelves and are now only to be found for exorbitant prices at eBay and
Neopets Series Camoflauge Poogle

But there’s another pet/toy that starting to get some buzz — Neopets. Neopets have been around for about 12 years, starting as a virtual site that allowed to own, well, a virtual pet. You can create a pet, play games with other Neopets in Neopia, and use Neocash to get around. Neopets branched out with its own merchandise too, so now you can purchase a Neopet and get a unique code that gives you access to certain features on the site.

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