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Monday, December 28, 2009

Max Baucus Drunk Video

Max Baucus Drunk? We have the video regarding Max Baucus is drunk on the floor of The Senate as he spiritedly takes on Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker in a talk about Health Care Reform. He had grunk too much. For more news article in respect to Max Baucus Drunk you can visit

Here is a video which showing U.S. Senator Max Baucus drunk while he was delivering a speech on health care reform in the Senate. Video is showing the nice senator occasionally mumbling and slurring his words imotional & tired as he was trying to attack the republications over their stance on health care reform.

But here are some reports which are claiming that the video doesn’t show Max Baucus drunk, but if we accept that he hadn’t been drinking, he’d been hitting something that caused him to slur his words.

The Max Baucus drunk video as follows:

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