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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pahokee's Nu'Keese Richardson Part Of Tennessee Investigation Full Video

A former high school teammate says the University of Tennessee's recruitment of Pahokee'sNu'Keese Richardson.jpg Nu'Keese Richardson could be what initially sparked the NCAA's investigation into the school's recruiting practices. He also said that even last year, there "may have been some girls from Tennessee at a game or two."

If that proves to be the case and the women were sent as recruiters, it would constitute a serious violation of NCAA rules.

Pahokee High School's principal banned Kiffin and his assistants from campus in February after Kiffin made disparaging remarks about Pahokee. (Kiffin later apologized, and the principal accepted.)

This is video of Kiffin accusing Florida Coach Urban Meyer of violating recruiting rules with Richardson.

Ironically, it may have been Kiffin's accusation that University of Florida Coach Urban Meyer cheated in his recruitment of Richardson that kicked off the now-snowballing investigation. Though Meyer's actions were not against the rules, Kiffin saying he would "turn Florida in" was a secondary violation. Kiffin later issued an apology (to Meyer, the NCAA, the SEC, Pahokee, the fans, Florida, Tennessee, and anyone else involved).

This season, as you may remember, Kiffin dismissed Richardson from the team when he was charged with armed robbery.

The New York Times reports that investigators have already spoken to Chris Dunkley, an uncommitted senior receiver from Pahokee.

We are awaiting a returned call from Pahokee High School.

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