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Monday, December 14, 2009

Snookie Gets Punched In the Face on Next Week's Episode of Jersey Shore in party

Just when you thought Jersey Shore couldn't get more outrageous, a preview for next week's episode shows pint-sized cast member Snookie getting punched by a guy in a bar.

Snookie is shown talking trash to some guy (he doesn't appear to be a cast member) and he reacts by punching her in the face. She falls to the floor and the guy gets hauled off to jail. Wow! There was nothing entertaining about watching Snookie get punched in the face, no matter how annoying she can be. And some people are saying there's nothing entertaining about this controversial show in general.

Italian Americans are mad because the Italian-American cast is encouraging negative stereotypes, the Jersey Shore tourism board is mad that it doesn't represent the Jersey Shore well, and some viewers are mad that the cast is a poor representation of young people in general. But what do you think of Jersey Shore so far? Is it as bad as everyone is saying? Let me know in the poll!
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Do you think it's inappropriate for MTV to have show the clip?

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