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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods 10 Cheats Video HD

This concerns about Tiger Woods alleged mistresses. Read an article below from Tiger Woods 10

If Tiger Woods has more to add about the most erratic drive of his career, David Letterman is the perfect guy to interview him.

This national obsession with Woods' bedroom is a joke anyway, so why not inject some levity with a late-night comic who's an expert on infidelity?

Book ESPN's Steve Phillips as a guest. Get Michael Jordan to do the Top 10 list, "Things Cheating Men Shouldn't Say On An Answering Machine."

And the No. 1 thing cheating men shouldn't say on an answering machine ... "Will you help me improve my lie?"

Be like Mike indeed, Tiger.

Lessons from Jordan: America will forgive your imperfections the quicker you remind them you are the closest thing to perfect anybody has ever seen in your sport. And like a good golf follow-through, keep your head down and everything soon straightens out.

At golf's Presidents Cup in San Francisco two months ago, Jordan proudly identified himself as a mentor to Woods, his Nike family member. Since Tiger's father, Earl, passed away in 2006, Jordan said he had become more of a confidant who offered advice when asked.

A day after publicly apologizing might be the right time for Woods to ask Jordan how a guy who earned his reputation as a womanizer endured as a global sports icon despite the occasional dalliance made public.

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