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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tiger woods affair photos

There are many reasons why people are vImageery curious on Tiger Woods alleged mistresses. It may be because Tiger Woods has a great image. He is a family man. He was never seen in sex tape videos and you can only see him holding a golf club, smiling and rejoicing if he Leggy party girl Rachel Uchitel kisses up to a pal at a Hamptons hot spot in 2007. (CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PICS OF RACHEL UCHITEL.)wins in his game and sad and usually buried his face in his hands if he didn’t win. He is one of the most successful golfers of all time and currently the highest-paid professional athlete which he earned from winnings and his major sponsors. Almost all the people from every corners in the world knows him. So when href="">Woods was injured in single-car accident, everyone began to think the reason behind this mysterious incident. The first rumor that appeared in different entertainment magazine online, is that he is drunk at that moment. But people are confused and still not convinced most specially after the Florida police said that alcohol was not involved in the said crash. TMZ reported that Woods’ wife, Elin, did not actually broke the back window of his Cadillac in order to unlock the doors prior to save him from a crash but she did it intentionally while they were having a dispute. The scratches found on Woods’ face alleged to have occurred after a fight with Elin. The dispute is all about the suspected affair Tiger was involved in during the Australian Masters Tour on November 17th and his trip to China. National Enquirer site published a post about Woods alleged mistress. And it all began with Rachel Uchitel. Now it is said that Woods have 11 alleged mistresses.
Here are complete list of alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods with their photos:
rachel-uchitel-tiger-woods-mistressRachel Uchitel
Jaimee-Grubbs-tiger-woods-mistressJaimee Grubbs
Kalika-Moquin-Tiger-Woods-mistressKalika Moquin
Jamie-Jungers-Tiger-Woods-mistressJamie Jungers
Mindy-Lawton-Tiger-Woods-mistressMindy Lawton
cori-rist-tiger-woods-mistressCori Rist
Holly-Sampson-Tiger-Woods-mistressHolly Sampson
Julie-Postle-tiger-woods-mistressJulie Postle
tiger-woods-mistressesUnidentified Mistress No. 9
tiger-woods-mistressesUnidentified Mistress No. 10
Joslyn-James-Tiger-Woods-mistressVeronica Siwik-Daniels a.k.a Joslyn James
The ninth unidentified alleged mistress of Tiger Woods is said to be a very well-known and very sexy British television personality. She is happily married now.

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