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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods latest - Woods moving to Sweden on Yacht?

Tiger Woods moving to Sweden on a yacht? Tiger woods quit golf. The Tiger Woods latest news updates are getting weird. The the continuous public frenzy to learn more and more about the fall of Tiger Woods, the World's Greatest Golfer, has caused more confusing headlines and sloppy media content in the midst of all these updates - including mine.

For example, The Huffington Post has it that Woods' wife Elin Nordegren has purchased a $2 million home in her native Sweden. But that alleged development has other media outlets assuming she's leaving Woods. Now, it's reported at the same Huff Post that Woods himself is moving to Sweden with Elin Nordegren. But Campbell Brown and Larry King Live both on CNN reported that Woods and his wife were going to get away on their yacht.

So from all this we can only conclude that Woods and wife are traveling to Sweden on their yacht.


Separating fact from fiction is a doable process in this scandal but the rapid pace of information created, in some cases from thin air, makes it hard to do. Then that information is covered over by television appearances by Tiger Woods mistresses Jaimie Grubbs, who said she is sorry for huring Elin Nordegren, to Jamie Jungers, who was given the spotlight on NBC's The Today's Show to say she had fallen in love with Tiger Woods during their affair.

Sad for Jamie Jungers, who seems like a nice person. I suppose her mood is still anxious.

Meanwhile the whole deal gets a ton of attention, leading some to ask why the media pays attention to the story. Hey, it's society's fault. OK. Besides, I have to admit it's a lot less annoying than the attention given to Sarah Palin. I mean lets' face it: Palin is no match for Al Gore in a debate on anything. But Palin versus Al Gore on climate change would be like Bambi versus Godzilla.

You know how that turned out.

And will someone - OK me - tell Stephen A. Smith to chill on insulting Tiger Woods, calling him a phony and essentially cracking on him with a really hurtful relish as he did on Larry King Live Friday night. In the past I liked what Stephen A. Smith had to say about anything, and watched his TV show as its important for blacks to support blacks in media. But only to a point. I've reached it.

Now Stephen A. Smith really just comes off as a mean person. I wonder how he would handle it if another Stephen A. Smith talked about him the way he talks about Tiger Woods? Think about it. Here's a brother who of course wants other brothers to stand behind him on the air but he can't even bother to talk about Tiger Woods in measured tones? I get that Smith's upset with Woods' parade of stories, but come on.

Karma...You know what I mean.

Stay tuned and Happy Hanukkah.

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