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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods Overdose, Hospital Drama

Was Tiger Woods admitted to the hospital as an 'overdose?' That's what some reports are saying. Early this morning, a middle-aged blonde woman was taken from one of Tiger's two homes in Windermere, to the same hospital that Tiger was admitted to the day after Thanksgiving. Speculations are that the woman is Elin Woods' mother. Update 10:10 a.m. It is now confirmed that the woman is Elin's mother, Barbro Holmberg, and one report says she is still in-hospital.

Elin Woods

TMZ reports that their sources close to the Health Central Hospital say that his admission records list 'OD' and that he was having trouble reading and that he was intubated to "assist his respiration." Tiger was given an alias in the hospital, William Smith, and later the first alias was changed in an effort to keep his admission private. Impressive, because that worked for many hours before the reports hit the Internet.
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We're told the fifth floor of the hospital was put on lockdown when Tiger arrived. Tiger was admitted under an alias -- William Smith. His wife, Elin Nordegren was by his side.

As we first reported, Elin gave paramedics two pill bottles at the accident scene -- we now know the prescriptions were for Ambien and Vicodin. Tiger was in and out of consciousness, snoring at the scene, and our sources say he clearly appeared to be under the influence of something -- not alcohol.

This morning, a middle-aged blonde woman was taken by ambulance to the same hospital where Tiger was taken - from an address said to be Tiger's. It is believed the woman was Elin Wood's mother, here visiting from Sweden. It is believed Elin followed the emergency vehicle in a black Escalade, and this report says that Tiger does have a second Escalade. Whomever the woman is, she has now left the hospital. A FOXNews report by Bill Hemmer, at this moment, confirms that the call came from Tiger Woods' home. The video below shows the mystery woman's arrival at the hospital and a black Escalade following. A woman who looks like Elin was driving the Escalade, but she has a twin sister.

This overdose report makes sense. Can a person 'snore' when unconscious? Apparently so. If you have not read the latest about Tiger's women, he's reported to be up to 11 now - one of which is a very famous porn star. Read it here. There is a report that I cannot locate at this minute, that Elin is planning to move home to Sweden to a $2 million home she and Tiger recently purchased there. Think of the dynamics here: is Elin a U.S. citizen? Can she take the children permanently out of the U.S., if she wants to?

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