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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods Wife Moves Out

Tiger Woods Wife Moves Out

Tiger Woods‘ wife moves from their $2.6 Windermire home, but she is not living far according to Neighbors and other sources may have a first hand view, but what confirmation do they offer other than their word? Tiger Woods reps are keeping quiet.

Questions surfaced if Elin Nordegren actually moved out. Taking a short break from the alleged mistresses drama would seem logical. This Tiger Woods reality TV began when Woods’ one car (Cadillac SUV) accident hit a fire hydrant over a marital spat surrounding Woods alleged cheating.

But does this mean that Elin Nordegren will get the $5 million that was promised through the pre-nuptial agreement? Elin Nordegren was to get $20 million if she stayed with Tiger Woods for ten years. That is if they divorce. However, if Elin Nordegren stays with Tiger Woods for two years she is looking at $55 million. If she leaves now she gets $5 million. But other reports suggest that she still has to stay withTiger Woods for some time in order to see the $5 million.

What would you do? Most would take the $5 million and call it quits after the first three alleged affairs were confirmed. Little has been mentioned ofTiger Woods and Elin Nordegren ’s children, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. Still quite young, Sam Alexis is two-years-old and Charlie Axel was born in February of 2009. For a hasty decision would bring an unfavorable outcome for the future of the children.

There had been rumors circulating of Tiger Woods being a sex addict of some sort. But that rumor sizzled into a casting assumption by many only to be picked up by evening celebrity entertainment shows, such as ET.

As the world hears that Elin Nordegren moved out of their home, other alleged affairs stand on the edge of the downfall of Tiger Woods. However, is this the true downfall of Tiger Woods the golf pro or the downfall of Tiger Woods the husband?

Tiger Woods will always be one of the world’s best golfers to date, as in to this day. Yet if time has taught us anything it is that hecklers tend to like giving the “Tiger Slam” in the middle of his game. For instance, not long ago a bunch of drunk hecklers were shouting “Suck it up, you got your own video game” during a rainy day at the 2009 Bethpage Black Saturday event. Then everyone would hear “You suck!”

Tiger Woods has had his hand in hecklers before. After a while Tiger would just go with the flow and laugh it off. But now that Tiger Woods has been said to have had not one, not two, but reaching double digits in alleged marital affairs, it’s looking good for futureTiger Woods hecklers.

Tiger Woods is known to focus well on the golf course. Hopefully his next game will prove this to be even more true under the mounted stress he is under.

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