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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tony Shalhoub on Monk Series Finale-Monk

This Sunday "Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction" airs on HBO at 9pm. This is the first special Williams has done for HBO in over seven years and it will most certainly cover his recent stint in rehab and his open-heart surgery. See the above video for a couple leaked clips from HBO.
Mark Wahlberg says there's two more seasons of "Entourage" left and then perhaps a movie.
It's amazing that the classics still have such pull: CBS' Wednesday night airing of 1964's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was the most-watched program of the night.
As mentioned last week, tonight is Part II, the final part, of the series finale of "Monk" on USA at 9pm. Thanks for bringing us 7 years and 125 great episodes of Adrian Monk! A round of hand-sanitizer for all my friends!
With this Weekend Edition we're starting a weekly "Late Night Wrap-Up" segment where we recount the best late night experiences of the week (please feel free to chime in with comments/suggestions!):
Top 5 Late Night Segments This Week: 11/30 "The Tonight Show" - AnnaLynne McCord held her own with Conan and made a great joke about looking for a "real man" like previous guest William Shatner (who was also very funny), hope to see more of her on late night TV; 12/1 "The Late Late Show" - Joel McHale was fantastic and this time unencumbered by Richard Belzer; 12/2 "The Daily Show" - Lance Armstrong dishing about his book and this summer's Tour de France drama; 12/2 "The Tonight Show" - Gabriel Inglesias' performance was hilarious and his "voices" freaked us out; 12/4 "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Don Rickles is on tonight and you can count on him saying something completely inappropriate.

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