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Monday, December 14, 2009

Watch dexter season 4 episode 12 megavideo finale, dexter season 5 might come soon

I`m sure you`re all familiar with the TV series “Dexter”, in which a great and well-respected lab technician for the Miami Dade police department also seems to be a serial killer.

It`s not a surprise that “Dexter” is a twisted serial, but I have to say that most of us were deeply astonished when the final episode of season 4 aired, on Sunday night.

During this season, you will see some good parts of Dexter, because he is trying to be a good father and husband and he also tries to learn how to get rid of his dark thoughts. How hard he may try, he can`t restrain for its passion of killing, even more, because of Trinity he strays from his “code” by killing an innocent life.

Well, in the final episode of the season, Dexter decided to make his move, but without knowing that he has company. Trinity managed to fallow him and revealed “Kyle” true identity by showing up in homicide. After that Trinity tells Dexter that he wants to be left alone, whit condition that he won`t interfere in his life to. But as we know Dexter he couldn`t help it so he start fallowing Trinity. Unfortunately, Dexter made a mistake by breaking the side mirror off a parked car on his pursuit, because the owner tracked him down. Even if he managed to restrainTrinity in his own van with a shot, Dexter ended by being arrested.

For Rita the thing that Dexter was arrested wasn`t such a big deal, because you will see that they plan a getaway for their honeymoon, right after she gets him up from jail. But it turns out that they aren`t the only ones how planed a getaway. It seems thatTrinity make the same thing, but he doesn`t have the tiniest clue that the whole homicide departament is on his trail.

Enough talking, I let you see for yourselves that this season has an interesting ending. I don`t mean a final ending because this episode definitely leaves the story open for another season.
Dexter goes to season 5

Dexter goes to season 5

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