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Sunday, December 6, 2009


On the season finale of another exciting season of The Amazing Race, did Meghan and Cheyne continue kicking butt all the way to the finish line? It was their race to lose! Did the bickering brothers Sam and Dan surprise the aforementioned blondies and land in first place? And did underdogs Brian and Ericka overcome all obstacles and pull a shocker and to win it all?

On tonight's episode, the racers traveled from Prague to the final destination city, Las Vegas. Brian and Ericka forgave but didn't forget Sam and Dan for stealing their taxi a couple of episodes ago. The competitors went to Graceland Wedding Chapel in which an "Amazing Grace" singing Elvis Presley impersonator handed them their first clue. BTW, that song playing when the contestants first landed in Vegas was Katy Perry's song, "Waking Up In Vegas".

The clue had them going down the side of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Ericka performed this task because Brian had acrophobia (fear of heights).

Brian and Ericka who have been in the lead all day, so far, got the next clue to go the Mirage Hotel for their next clue. At the Mirage, they had to replicate a move in Cirque Du Soleil production of Love, a Beatles show. But, Ericka's frustration in the challenge caused them to drop to last place, erasing their slim lead.

The clue sent the teams went to the Monte Carlo Hotel. After that task of counting a million dollar worth of chips, the teams went to the MGM Grand Hotel to meet "Mr. Las Vegas" aka Wayne Newton for their next clue to go to the Pitstop.

Meghan and Cheyne predictably and boringly won the Amazing Race!

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