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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why You are Searching for April Ryan,'Miley Cyrus,' and 'Becky Griggs'

Wondering why "April Ryan," "Miley Cyrus Tattoo," "Becky Griggs," and "Julia Corker" are surging in Google Trends? We can shed some light on the mystery. Google Trends provides the hottest keywords of the hour. Though the results change frequently, the list offers a snapshot of what's hot in the world of entertainment news. Here's what's steamin' tonight...
Becky Griggs – You don't have to be a fatty to find Becky Griggs' story fascinating. The 149 lb personal trainer weighed in at a whopping 352 lbs only six years ago. That's right, she lost over 200 lbs, and according to her, she didn't take any shortcuts on the long road to slimming down. She just stuck to a low-carb diet, "a super-simple plan of five small meals a day, focused on protein and something 'God grew,'" she tells CNN. "Food doesn' control me anymore, I control it," she continues. "And I work out."

Slim Fast Recall – Speaking of slimming down, consumer goods megaproducer Unilever has ordered all cans and cartons of "ready-to-drink" Slim Fast off the shelves and into the trash. Nasty bug Bacillus cereus turned up in a batch and the company received a handful of customer complaints of nausea and diarrhea. No spontaneous combustion or bleeding out the eyes. The bacteria isn't life threatening, but it's not much fun either.

April Ryan – Take note, do not mess with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. If you're a member of the press, don't ask a dumb or "tabloid-y" question, especially during a press briefing meant to cover sending 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. Robert Gibbs will shoot you down, and he'll make you look bad, and you'll regret it. That's what he did to American Urban Radio reporter April Ryan on Wednesday. She pestered Gibbs about White House social secretary Desiree Roger's inflated role at the recently crashed state dinner. "Some might call her the belle of the ball, overshadowing the first lady," Ryan prodded. "April, calm down," Gibbs said, "take a deep breath. See, this happens with my son, he does the same thing." A gasp rang out from the crowd. Check the video right here.

World Cup Bracket – South African celeb Charlize Theron and FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke presided over the drawing up of the 2010 World Cup bracket on Friday. The United States drew into a favorable grouping, facing low-end top seed England as well as Slovenia and Algeria in the first round. US coach Bob Bradley said at the event in South Africa, "We feel this is a group that gives us a real fair chance to move on." Anything less would be a disappointment for the upstart US squad. Brazil wasn't so lucky, drawing into the "Group of Death" which includes Ivory Coast, the first real African World Cup contender, as well as Portugal and North Korea.

Miley Cyrus Tattoo Pictures – Little Miley is all grown up. Maybe she grew up the day she appeared all but naked within the pages of Vanity Fair in April 2008. Maybe she's not grown up at all (she's still only 17 years old). But yeah, she's tatted up. Photographers caught her rocking a pink string bikini and captured the cursive "Just Breathe" under her left boob. See it here. 58% of PopEater readers are bothered that Miley has a tattoo at her age. Are you?

Julia Corker – This is one of those stories that discourages you from doing good deeds. Stories like this are kinda sad. But that doesn't mean they're necessarily bad stories. In fact, we're slightly tickled. Julia Corker, the 22-year-old daughter of Senator Bob Corker pulled over in D.C. to help out a man that looked lost. She rolled down her window, and started to tell him how to get where he was going, when suddenly a dude jumped into her passenger seat, threw her into the street, and sped off with her Chevy Tahoe. Julia was luckily unharmed and the Tahoe was found along with the two suspects. But now chances are she'll be a little less friendly to strangers in the future. To this we say, damn you bad apples!

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