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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Bachelor's' Rozlyn revealed as scandalous contestant

Rozlyn Papa has been revealed as the bachelorette who has had the alleged affair with a producer on "The Bachelor."

ABC had teased that one of the ladies vying for the heart of pilot Jake Pavelka had found her wings of love waiting in the wings behind the scenes of the reality show. Her identity was going to be revealed on the upcoming episode Monday (Jan. 11).

Check out Rozlyn's introduction sequence:

RadarOnline, however, claims that it's uncovered Rozlyn -- the blonde model/hairstylist/makeup artist from Virginia -- as the one with a wandering eye, thanks to the help of her ex-boyfriend ... from middle school. Ronald Rutsen Eagle, Jr. has the dubious honor of being her first boyfriend ever and weighs in on her situation with her current boyfriend.

"She is a really a wonderful person who has had a tough time because of the situation," he tells Radar.

In the premiere, Rozlyn was among the many women (like Channy) who used an aviation pun to get Jake's attention. She came off a little bitchier and ruthless than most, but didn't really stand out otherwise.

And while it may be considered deceitful for Rozlyn to be pursuing a romance off camera with someone other than the bachelor himself, at least she's not sitting around crying and in denial when Jake is on overnight date with another contestant.

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