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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Time VIDEO & PHOTOS

Scientists have confirmed that the strongest earthquake to hit Haiti in 200 years registered at magnitude 7.0. The tragedy struck at 16:53:09 or 04:53:09 PM local time on January 12. The brute force of the tremors sent down many a building including the UN office in the country’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The presidential palace was also damaged. At least one hospital is reported to have collapsed along with many commercial buildings, schoolhouses, and other infrastructure.

Word from the International Red Cross places the number of affected people at around 3 million. The IRC also estimated that the earthquake claimed around 500,000 lives. With the country being the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, it surely needs help from other countries, some of which have already dispatched rescue groups to help in the search and rescue missions undertaken across the Caribbean nation.

Pandemonium is in the streets as people are left without homes and their basic necessities. There are also hundreds if not thousands of people left untreated. Doctors and other medical workers are hard at work just to treat as many people as they can. With some hospitals damaged bythe earthquake , they have to make do with makeshift triages. It is expected that unless other countries send in needed medicine, there will be a shortage of it soon enough withthe number of people needing medical attention.

Immediately after the earthquake struck, communication lines went down. This made organizing search and rescue missions a nightmare. Even with that handicap though, firemen and policemen along with civilians worked well into the night to help free people from under the wreckage of fallen buildings.

It can be remembered that the nation was recently ravished by a series of hurricanes leaving thousands dead and homeless. Still in rebuilding mode, they are once again hit by this tragedy. Fortunately, several countries are quick to send help like medical professionals and rescue units. Numerous countries have also pledged to send monetary aid to help the ravaged island nation.

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