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Friday, January 15, 2010

‘Pants on the Ground’ singer struck chord

62-year-old “General” Larry Platt has become a sensation after his performance of original song “Pants On The Ground” on “American Idol” on Wednesday night — and in an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush for Access and “The Billy Bush Show,” the singer explained the song’s origins.

“Everybody in America’s singing my song, ‘Pants on the Ground.’ I made that song up, years ago,” he said.

And he added that the song has a simple message. “It’s about these kids and grown folk walking around with their pants down,” he said. “Get these pants up!”

The singer then gave a special acapella encore performance of “Pants on the Ground” for Bush.

On Wednesday night’s audition, Platt made judges Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and guest judge Mary J. Blige laugh and sing along — while Simon Cowell attempted to shush them, in vain.

However, despite his best efforts, Platt never had a serious shot at the “Idol” top 12 — the show cuts off eligible contestants at age 28.

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