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Friday, January 22, 2010

Prince writes Vikings' song 'Purple and Gold' -- listen here FULL SONG

Musical artist Prince has penned a Minnesota Vikings song called "Purple and Gold."

Prince, who is from Minnesota, told FOX Twin Cities affiliate that after he saw the Vikings beat-down of the Dallas Cowboys last week he went home and cranked out "Purple and Gold" because he "saw the future."

The Vikings love the song and have put it on their website. They play the New Orleans Saints Sunday, Jan. 24 in the NFC championship game. The winner will face the winner of the Colts-Jets game in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Frankly, we think it's a little too slow and church-y sounding for a pump-me-up football song, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Purple and Gold Lyrics
the veil of the sky draws open
the roar of the chariots touch down
we r the ones who have now come again
and walk upon water like solid ground
as we approach the throne we won't bow down
this time we won't b denied
raise every voice and let it b known
in the name of the purple and gold
we come in the name of the purple and gold
all of the odds r in r favor
no prediction 2 bold
we r the truth if the truth can b told
long reign the purple and gold
the eyes say ready 4 battle
no need 4 sword in hand
we r all amped up like a rock n roll band
ready 2 celebrate every score
ready 2 fight the elegant war
ready 2 hear the crowd roar
that's what we came 4
and so much more
in the name of the purple and gold

r spirits may b tired
r bodies may b worn
but since this day is r destiny
r history - that's y we must b
4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings' horn
in the name of the purple and gold

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