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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recap: Jersey Shore, Episode 7 FULL VIDEO

Mini-review: In which Mike "The Situation" manages to reduce one housemate to tears and incite another into physically assaulting him. Such people skills he has.

Recap: Ugh. The first 10 minutes is a painful re-examination of Snooki’s ultimatum to Ronnie and Sammi in the last epsiode, in which she advised the happy couple that “everyone in the house” was sick of them just going off and hanging out by themselves. They confront the other housemates, all of whom deny they have a problem with it, which leads Sammi and Ronnie to drop the hammer on Snooki for talking crap about them. She folds quickly and apologizes, and which point Sammi makes her apologize further in front of everyone else. Seriously, this is hard to watch. So far on this series, Snooki has all but prostituted herself out — unsuccessfully — to a steady stream of guys, she has been punched in the face (twice!) and now she is forced to grovel because she got a little chirpy whilst drunk at a bar. Sammi is approaching super-villain status.

That night, we are backing to more familiar territory of going to bars and picking up. Mike brings home a girl, and the two of them end up in a hot tub, then a bed. Vinny and a girl hang out on a hammock. Snooki even meets someone nice, though she seems befuddled as to why they do not have sex even though they shared a bed.

The next night they are back at the bar, and drama breaks out. Sammi is mad because Ronnie talks to a girl! Mike is mad because Vinny talks to his sister, then a different girl! Ronnie is mad because it was Mike who pointed out to Sammi that Ronnie was talking to a girl! You know who hardly is seen at this point?: Jenni. I’m betting it’s because her “top” can only be filmed from certain angles, lest something appear on television that would draw fines from the FCC.

Ultimately, everyone ends up back at the house. Ronnie is still mad at Mike, but Mike is no longer mad at Vinny because he has refocused his attention on Mike’s sister. Shortly, though, Mike realizes that the natural consequence of setting up Vinny with this sister is that ... he SET UP VINNY WITH HIS SISTER. He’s worried about this. Mike: selfish AND dim.

Off to Atlantic City the next day. A fancy dinner devolves quickly when everyone starts taking verbals shots at each other. Of course this often happens with groups of friends, but the key is that you actually have to like each other. Many of this group clearly do not, which results in Snooki blasting Mike for generally being a jerk and telling him no one likes him. A true fact, though awkward as far as dinner-table conversation goes. She then asks someone to pass her a roll. Mike: “Don’t worry, you’ve got a couple.” Zing.
Well. The whole group is outraged by this transgression. Fat jokes are just not on. Later, when the group goes back to the hotel room, Snooki has a good cry. She had weight issues in high school, we learn. It’s fair to say Jenni, Ronnie and Sammi are all firmly in the anti-Mike camp at this point. I think Vinny and Pauly are feigning outrage, but they sure don’t want to come to his defence.

Mike later apologizes profusely. But his turn at chivalry is short-lived when he refuses to taken a drunken, post-puking Jenni back to the hotel room because he’s making out with a girl (. She smacks him, then gets kicked out of the club. When he eventually makes his way back to the room, Jenni punches him in the face. It’s good to see how these kids are able to work things out.

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