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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tiger Woods reportedly enters sex addiction clinic FULL VIDEO

New pictures of Tiger Woods have surfaced online, marking his first public 'appearance' since his car accident in late November. The embattled golfer has been photographed outside at a Mississippi sexual addiction clinic.

The Tiger Woods pictures were reportedly taken by the National Enquirer, which is also the same publication that started the entire story
Tiger Woods Photographed at Sex Addiction Clinic
by publishing a story regarding Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel.

In the online pictures, Woods is shown from a distance, holding a coffee cup and wearing shorts and a hooded sweatshirt as he walks outside the sex addiction rehabilitation clinic he reportedly checked into recently. Woods seems to be looking in the direction of the camera, though it is not obvious that he knows he is being photographed. What is not clear is how the National Enquirer was able to put itself in position to photograph a patient at the normally secretive sex addiction rehabilitation center.

While to date Woods has been able to avoid the public eye as he deals with his crumbling marriage and decimated public reputation, it would seem inevitable that much of Woods' rehabilitation will need to occur in public. The pictures of Woods only serve to remind us of that fact.

One of the few things working in Woods' favor is that his ordeal this winter has occurred during golf's off-season. While it seems likely he will eventually miss some tournaments, the story did not break in the middle of the season and did not require an immediate suspension of his golfing season. As a result, he has been able to disappear from the public eye much more easily and his sex scandal has not yet had a direct impact, really, on his golf career.

But at some point after Woods completes his stay at the sex addiction clinic that he has been pictured in front of, he will presumably try to return as much as he can to his former life. When he does, it seems inevitable that public scrutiny will be even greater than it was before.

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