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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Watch Jersey Shore Episode 7 Full Video Online

On episode of Jersey Shore, the roommates go to Atlantic City, where Mike antagonizes both Snooki and Jwoww and a roommate reveals her former eating disorder. I'll give you three guesses.

On the last episode of Jersey Shore, Mike invited the girls back to the house and the situation got out of control, with Snooki getting into her second fight of the summer. Things were also on the weird side because Mike's younger sister Melissa was afoot. But back to Snooki, who this time was smart enough to only do battle and irritate the girls in the party.

That doesn't include, however, all the good guy viewers of Jersey Shore, who are convinced, once and for all, that Snooki is one of the most annoying things on the planet.

Not to be outdone, Ronnie got into a brawl of his own, leaving Sammi questioning their relationship. Yes, they also set a record for the most number of almost-breakup in an hour. This is sad considering that the episode began rather promisingly, with Ronnie and Mike figuring out their daily morning routine - gym, tan, laundry.

But on to the party. Ronnie and Sammi decided to leave the bar and go home together. But things didn't turn out well in the cab, when Ronnie made a nonchalant comment about Sammi's big toe. Turned out, the girl's sensitive about her feet.

On to another party, a guy in a bar started following them and Ronnie being Ronnie gave him a classic Guido beating, by that we mean rolling the boardwalk. And after a mini-squabble, they made up again, proving that their relationship is one of the more resilient things on Jersey Shore.

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