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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ambulance Visits Tiger’s Home Early in the Morning

Sex, Lies and More. Visits from the Paramedics to the Tiger Woods’ residence as a middle aged woman rumored to be Barbro Holmberg -Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law- was rushed to the hospital this morning after an emergency dispatcher received a phone call from the home of the Golf’s greatest requiring immediate medical attention.

The emergency call was received at 2:35 am and the Orange County Fire Rescue arrived promptly at the scene to transport the mystery woman from the Woods’ residence to the Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, coincidentally the very same health care facility where the golfer himself was treated after his infamous car accident on Friday Nov. 27th 2009 in which he crashed his SUV right into a fire hydrant and a tree around 2:25 am while pulling out of his mansion. He was found in and out of consciousness by the paramedics with minor bruises and bleeding. At the time, although very little details transpired it was said that his wife, Elin Nordegren had used a golf club to smash the back window of the vehicle to break her husband free from the crashed vehicle.

More details have leaked as days have passed by including a parade of women that claim to be alleged Tiger Woods’ mistresses among the names of: Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Holly Sampson, Mindy Lawton and others as well as stories from anonymous witnesses to the car crash on the Friday after Thanksgiving which are now telling Tiger Woods might have been consuming alcohol before the accident and mixing prescription medications such as Ambien and Vicodin, adding even more drama to this never ending storm for the world’s most troubled golfer.

Today’s incident makes it twice in less than 15 days that paramedics rushed to Tiger Woods’ home to treat for an emergency.

Local television stations have reported that the unidentified blonde woman was admitted through the emergency entrance in a stretcher and sources say that the medical logs show the patient first refused to be transported to the medical facility but then, probably due to the seriousness of the condition, had to be placed on Advanced Life Support, which for those of us with little or no medical expertise means resuscitation efforts beyond basic CPR.

Right after the paramedics, a black Cadillac Escalade arrived at the hospital and the photographers on scene were able to catch that the license plate was similar to the one involved in Tiger Woods’ Friday Car crash, possibly linking it to the same leasing company which could make this Elin Nordegren’s car.

Woods has not been seen in public since, only addressed the public and the media through his website apologizing for “letting his family down and for his transgressions” but did not even attend his own golf tournament last week.

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