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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods ambulance call latest incident in a saga that is destroying a golf legend

The Tiger Woods saga just keeps rolling on. Latest reports from the Associated Press say fire department medics responded overnight to a 911 call in the same block as Tiger Woods' Orlando-area home.

A spokeswoman for Orange County Fire Rescue declined to confirm local news reports that the call at 2:36 this morning came from Woods' home early today or that the patient they saw was a woman.

This comes after he, according to AP, he crashed his car; refused multiple times to be interviewed by police; and admitted to an extramarital affair, although there now seem to be a number of women saying they hooked up with Woods.

My husband is an avid sports fan and considered Woods just a towering talent and a class act. Up until Woods admitted to cheating on his wife, my husband continued to believe Tiger's character would have never allowed him to do such a thing. The control Woods always kept on the golf course to become a champion and his dedication to keeping the game, not his private life, the focus of the spotlight on him, were the reasons my husband couldn't believe Woods would have strayed.

It's amazing how any sports figure or celebrity can think the person who would gladly have an affair wouldn't also gladly try to profit from it by going public. It also goes to show that the personalities we see on TV and in the sports arena might not give us a full picture of our heroes.

Woods' business is his business, just like he's told the media. But, when he refuses to submit to a police interview three times after an accident, he is holding himself above the rules the rest of us have to live by.

It's hard to believe a man who was virtually guaranteed to break every golf record that exists is now such a broken man himself. Instead of videos of his incredible golf feats, the Internet is packed with stuff like this:

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