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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Army Navy Game 2009

Gridiron: Army Navy Game 2009 on December 12: Army Navy Game is set to take place at the Gridiron on December 12th. By the end of the weekend, the bowl schedule will be set and we will have two teams selected to play for the BCS championship.


Cincinnati, Iowa and TCU are said to be the most surprising team so far. At the same time, Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Ole Miss are said to be the most disappointing team.

If we talk about Player of the Year, this year’s Heisman race was supposed to be among quarterbacks

href="">Tim Tebow
(Florida), Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) and Colt McCoy (Texas).

Currently, the Army’s Black Knights have already won five games, which means if they beat the Navy this year, they will be eligible to play in a bowl game.

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