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Sunday, December 6, 2009

BCS bowl predictions in 2010 will vary until 8 pm tonight

BCS bowl predictions for 2010 are easy, for at least two games. All 2010 BCS bowl predictions have Alabama vs Texas for the title, and Ohio St vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl. But it's the other three games that are a bit unpredictable, and could have
BCS Bowl Predictions 2010 Not All Set in Stone
several different matchups. Since Texas ultimately destroyed any drama in the national title race, the biggest guessing game involves the other pairings. This is where the BCS bowl predictions in 2010 will vary until 8 pm tonight.

The Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls have a whole crop of teams to choose from today. Most predictions have Florida in the Sugar Bowl, and Georgia Tech in the Orange. Beyond that, things are a little too close to call right now.

TCU, Boise State, Cincinnati, and either Penn State or Iowa should make up the rest of the BCS field. With the Fiesta Bowl getting the first pick, some predictions have them putting TCU there. In fact, ESPN's Brad Edwards projects the Fiesta Bowl to have a mid-major pairing, between TCU and Boise State.

That would leave a Big 10 school to play Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl, and Edwards predicts that it will be Iowa. If Edwards is correct, that would leave Cincinnati as the last team standing. As such, they would go to the Sugar Bowl against Florida, which would be the farewell game for Tim Tebow - and maybe for Brian Kelly.

The Fiesta Bowl is the wild card, since they don't have any real conference tie-ins, like the Orange and Sugar Bowls. They know Boise State can travel well, so they could be eager to bring them back. If they can also get TCU, then a Horned Frogs-Broncos BCS bowl could be the most intriguing of the bunch.

Of course, the Fiesta could pick a Big 10 program to face one of the mid-majors. The Orange Bowl could then take the other mid-major to face Georgia Tech, since they already had Cincinnati there last year.

Most BCS bowl predictions seem to have Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl, since the Fiesta and Orange may not be that interested in them. But if the Orange Bowl brought the Bearcats back, then the Sugar Bowl could pit a mid-major against an SEC team for the third straight year.

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