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Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie Sheen arrested on domestic violence charges (VIDEO)

Pitkin County Sheriff arrested actor Charlie Sheen on charges of domestic violence.

Sheen is married to Brooke Mueller. They have twin boys less than a year old.

When Tiger Woods and Elin had their falling out a few weeks ago, I wrote a bit of unsolicited advice. You can read that article here. My suggestion to Elin was not to allow Tiger to prolong the marriage long enough to jockey into a better position to gain custody, like establishing residency in L.A..

Sheen makes his residence in Los Angeles. An L.A. residence means an L.A. jurisdiction, should Mrs. Sheen decide to get out of her marriage to an allegedly abusive man. Tough break for Brooke Mueller Sheen. Can you imagine how Judge Elizabeth Feffer would rule on this case? If the Naveen Andrews - Elena Eustache case is any indication, Sheen will have sole legal and physical custody of the children and the mother will get to visit them an hour a week at a "visitation center".

Or perhaps Presiding Family Law Judge Marjorie Steinberg can bring Commissioner Friedenthal back from doing arraignments for this one case. Then Commissioner Friedenthal can appoint his neighbor Michael Howard to monitor Mrs. Sheen and her children. At least Mrs. Sheen would need no fear if Charlie Sheen showed up in a rage. Mr. Howard told me he carries a concealed weapon.

There is no record of a permit for Michael Howard to carry a concealed weapon, but I digress...

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