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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terrorist Attack Detroit - PHOTOS & VIDEO

Detroit Flight

According to US media, the White House has issued a warning regarding another international terrorist attack like 9/11. According to the reports a terrorist wanted to blow up a flight by setting an explosive device in a flight of Amsterdam flying to Detroit.

There is a Nigerian who is claiming that he had directions from Al-Qaeda to ignite an explosive on the flight. Although, officials are investigating on his statement but they are in doubt about the credibility of his statement. The officials also briefed President Obama on the incident on Christmas vocation in Hawaii.
That suspected Nigerian was flying from Nigeria to Detroit via Amsterdam by Northwest Airlines Airbus in which 278 people were traveling at that time with him However, the flight had safely landed at destination but spokesman says that the man, who is also in the watch list of government, had set off a firecracker on the plane.

The passengers noticed a popping noise followed by a brief fire. The suspect and other two people are injured in the incident and being sent to hospital for treatment. IntelCenter is an independent Terrorist monitoring group it says that it was a serious terrorist attempt against the US and it had connections with al-Qaeda cells in Yemen and Nigeria.
Victor Beggs is the local Islamic Leader and head of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan he says that he is very disturbed with the today’s attempted terrorists attacks. He emphasized the Muslims to work with law enforcement to fight against terrorism. He urged Muslim Communities to stop these maniacs who pursue political goals in the name of religion.

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