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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grapevine: It's 'Jersey Shore' vs. 'The Hills' "snookie" Video

"Jersey Shore's" Nicole Polizzi (MTV)
Uh-oh: It's 'Jersey Shore' vs. 'The Hills'

Here's a hot mess waiting to happen. "Jersey Shore" castmates are talking trash about MTV's other reality drama-thon, "The Hills." "We are better than 'The Hills,' " "Jersey Shore's" Snooki -- real name Nicole Polizzi -- tells "It is all real." Added Snooki's co-star, Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley , "We are not fake; we don't try to present ourselves like we are fake. We don't try to put ourselves in front of the cameras with the hair and the makeup. We tell everyone how we feel. We don't say anything behind their backs." Can a "Real World/ Road Rules Challenge"-type mash-up of the two shows be far behind? And can one show contain that many fake tans?

Green Day goes digital on 'Rock Band'

Soon, you too can be an American idiot! Green Day will be the next group to receive the "Rock Band" treatment, video game developer Harmonix announced at Sunday's Spike TV Video Game Awards. The game will feature avatars of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong , Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt , and will feature songs from the Bay Area trio's extensive catalog. Mud, for those looking to re-create the band's performance at Woodstock '94, sold separately.

Courtney Love loses daughter

Courtney Love has lost legal control of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain , TMZ reported Monday. Frances Bean, 17, has been appointed new guardians: Wendy O'Connor , Kurt Cobain 's mom (Frances' grandmother), and Kimberly Dawn Cobain , Kurt's sister (her aunt). No reason was given for the new guardianship, but TMZ said actions of this nature are established when the parent is not capable of taking care of their children.

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