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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Daly: Weight Loss

Pro golfer John Daly is half the man he used to be, literally. After having lap-band surgery in February he has dropped 110 pounds. While playing in the Australian Open last week he may not have beat Tiger Woods but he was definitely all the talk on the golf course as he sported his thin frame. He joked with reporters,
john-daly-loses-110-pounds“A buddy of mine told me I’d lost a Backstreet Boy.”
Losing the weight so quickly did take its toll as he found himself tired and he lost some of his rhythm on the course, but that’s slowly coming back now. After the British open he found himself both mentally and physically drained. But while in Australia he was back on track. The PGA champ is a new man. Gone are his days of alcoholism, cigarettes and plenty of cheeseburgers as he now weighs under 200 pounds.
Other celebs who have undergone lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery include Caitlin Van Zandt, Star Jones and Carnie Wilson.
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Ironic that Daly is turning his life around and Tiger’s world is coming apart at the seams. Appearances are not what they seem, apparently. That’s Daly’s appeal.. he freely admits his shortcomings and never professes to be anything he’s not.

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