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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods 'Saturday Night Live' sketch criticized by domestic violence group Video HD

Tiger Woods' multiple affairs were recently the target of parody by "Saturday Night Live," but the show is now taking some criticism for its depiction of domestic violence. TMZ spoke with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence chairman Rita Smith, who stated that "SNL" "made a mockery of such abuse" by having their version of Elin Nordegren (played by "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively) repeatedly beat up "Tiger Woods" (Kenan Thompson) after he admits to his numerous "transgressions." (In reality Nordegren is getting as far away from Tiger as possible; she has reportedly moved out from the couple's Florida home.) Smith goes on to say that "there's nothing funny about this story, particularly if violence was part of the events that took place."

The sketch has drawn even more criticism once you consider that "SNL" had on singer Rihanna, who was a victim of domestic violence this past February, as a musical guest.

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