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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger's wife moves out: Tiger Woods wife moves out as misstresses count goes up, Holly Samson is 8th news

December 8: Tiger's wife moves out: TigerA sketch mocking Tiger Woods is drawing controversy. Woods wife moves out as misstresses count goes up, Holly Samson 8th woman. Tiger Woods Wife Elin has left their house giving an indication that their marriage is on the brink of collapse. Reports had come earlier claiming that Elin wanted to leave the house just after the incident and the report of his affair Rachel Uchitel becoming clear.

But Tiger Woods and his mother persuaded her not to walk out of the house and Tiger Woods reportedly gave her a huge amount of money- many millions of dollars- to stay put.

Now with her walking out of the house, there are serious questions being raised about the future of their marriage.

Elin Nordegren is not a person to take it laying down. The injuries on Tiger Woods face were not the result of car crash but were caused by none other than Elin Nordegren.

Twenty nine year old Elin Nordegren is a Swedish former model. She married Tiger Woods five years ago and have two kids.

Elin Nordegren started modeling in 2000, and appeared on the cover of Cafe Sport magazine in the summer of 2000.

There were indications that she would walk out of the house even before all the affairs became a media fodder. There have been from eight to ten affairs that have been confirmed in the media.

Currently the tally stands at NINE mistresses, but I’m sure it will continue to increase as time goes on and more women come forward. At this point I’d believe any number, once you get past a couple of mistresses a pattern of behavior is revealed, to put it mildly.

Now many people are asking if Tiger Woods was involved with close to a dozen women why he married Elin in the first place.

We thought that money might had mellowed down the woman who had a great prenuptial agreement with her husband and who had reportedly ‘gifted’ her five million dollars to not walk out of the house.
Now it is not known if the millions of dollars being offered to Elin would be actually given to her as she walks out of the house.

Tiger Woods had offered to enhance their pre nuptial agreement with some reports saying that he had offered her tens of millions of dollars to live in relationship with another two years.

But probably the lure of money could not help her face the ignominy of being under such pressure after so many Woods mistresses came out with evidences of being in relationship with him.

By the way which wife would like to be in a marriage if a husband cheats her with so many women.

In the meantime a TMZ report says that Elin’s mother has landed in US to sort out the issue. The gossip site has said that she was not there when the car crash happened.

It will take more time to see tiger Woods out of his house. Controversies surrounding him are just mounting. Once known for his golfing skills woods is now better known as man of many mistress.

Another woman came into light who claim to have sexual relation with Woods. Jamie Junger, a lady from Las Vegas is fourth in row. She is La s Vegas based model. Reports are in air that she had sexual relationship with start golfer.

Managers from Las Vegas night club believe that Tiger has relationship with more women. Jugner doesn’t seem to be last in ling list of woods mistress. One of the manager said “He wasn’t one to send away someone who was interested. There was a revolving door of women with Tiger

News of two more is also clouding. Mindy Lawton and Cori Rist has also some kind of relationship of Woods which is not completely revealed yet.

Tough time for woods doesn’t seem to end soon despite of his apology for transgression. Since his accident in Florida, Woods is not in public and restricted himself to his home.

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