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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Woods update: High school girlfriend reflects on wife Elin Woods - 'that could have been me'

  Tiger Woods continues to make headlines this week with the fourteenth alleged mistress having been revealed and now, one of Woods' former high school girlfriends reveals that the golfer broke up with her in a letter. She also reflects on what Elin Woods is going through and says: "that could have been me."

RadarOnline has the interview with Woods' former high school girlfriend, Dina Gravell. She says: “We dated in high school and he broke up with me through a letter I still have." Gravell says people see a resemblance between herself and Elin Woods. She says: “It’s kind of an interesting parallel because people say I look a lot like his wife Elin. I’m a twin just like her, my father-in-law’s name is Earl, which was Tiger’s father’s name, and now my last name is Parr, which is a very golf related name!” Gravell added: "I look at Elin and think, ‘That could of been me’. Thank God it’s not!”

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