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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tom Brady Baby,Gisele Pregnant

Wondering why "Danny Cahill," "Snow Blower," "Tiger Woods Congressional Gold Medal," and "Tyler Perry's Mother" are surging in Google Trends? We can shed some light on the mystery. Google Trends provides the hottest keywords of the hour. Though the results change frequently, at any given time the list offers a snapshot of what's hot in the world of entertainment news. Here's what's steamin' today...
Tom Brady Baby – Gisele Bundchen has given birth to what is sure to become a very handsome man. As of now the baby boy's name has not been announced. It's the first child for the supermodel but second for Brady, who has a 2-year-old son with ex-flame Bridget Moynahan. The announcment was made at a press conference held at Gillette Stadium, where the New England Patriots play. After taking a handful of questions on what he called "aTom Brady Baby,Gisele Pregnant wonderful experience," Brady told reporters, "let's talk football."

Tyler Perry Mother Dies – Willie Maxine Perry passed away on Tuesday. Her son, filmmaker Tyler Perry, disclosed her passing on his website yesterday. He didn't reveal the 64-year-old's cause of death. "Thank you for all your prayers," he wrote next to a photo of the two together at the premiere of 'Madea's Family Reunion.' He had previously admitted his mother was the inspiration behind Madea, the most popular character he ever created.

Biggest Loser Finale Pictures – If you haven't heard by now, Danny Cahill took home the crown on season 8 of 'Biggest Loser' last night. He lost an astonishing 239 lbs. over the course of the season. You're probably looking for before-and-after photos, and we can give them to you. Check out finalist Rudy Pauls: Before and After. Amanda Arlauskas: Before and After. Liz Young: Before and After. And big winner (or loser) Danny: Before and After.

Danny Cahill – More on Danny, the winner of season 8, and the total weight loss record holder for 'Biggest Loser.' "I was determined to win," Danny told the audience when asked how he pulled off the amazing feat. The 40-year-old surveyor, who is now $250,000 richer, plans to focus on his music career and deliver motivational speeches. But how is he going to spend the money? "My wife and I are going to think about it," he tells Us Weekly. "There are a lot of needs in our family right now."

Snow Blower – It must be winter storm season. Just as finding "Nose Zinc" on Google Trends means summer is around the bend, "Snow Blower" means we're all screwed. And we are, unless you live in San Diego... actually even if you live in San Diego you're screwed, though you won't be needing a snow blower. Maybe some sandbags. We're pretty much screwed across the country. Gisele Bundchen baby bump clothesAnd this winter is supposed to be a particularly nasty one, so says the Farmer's Almanac.
Tiger Woods Congressional Gold Medal – Tiger was all lined up to receive the highest honor congress can bestow upon a civilian. But according to TMZ, today Rep. Joe Baca of California axed plans to give Woods the award. "In light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family, I will not pursue legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal this session," the congressman said in a statement. Past recipients of the honor include John Wayne, Joe Louis, Rosa Parks, and most recently, fellow golfer Arnold Palmer.

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