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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Cheetah girl Adrienne Bailon is our "loser of the week". The Disney star attempted to advance her career and escape from Disneyland by leaking skanky photos of herself on the internet. Here is the scoop on the Kim Kardashian type of publicity stunt. It turns out Adrienne's publicist Jonathon Jaxson admitted that the whole fake "they stole my naked pictures off my laptop and tried to blackmail me" story was a complete lie to bump Adrienne from the Z list up to the D list. Unfortunately, the ho-tastic plan backfired when Adrienne's publicist confessed to the scheme. Too bad Adrienne won't be able to cash her sextape paychecks like her boyfriend's sister Kim Kardashian who rode her "leaked" sex scandal all the way to the bank. Is Disney is going to keep Adrienne Bailon on the Cheetah Girls after her move or kick her off the popular series?
The racy photos of the Disney star hit the internet this week after her laptop allegedly stolen from JFK airport and returned for a $1000 ransom. But this was all a publicity stunt. Gallery: Vanessa the undresser Hudgens who was caught in a legitimate racy photo leak Gallery: Miley Cyrus and her dodgy web photo leaks Bailon's (now ex) Hollywood publicist/pal Jonathon Jaxson admitted to that after the laptop was stolen he and the 25-year-old decided to "juice up" the story by saying that "nude pictures could have possibly been stolen." "Adrienne's tour with Cheetah Girls will be over December 22nd, so she is then free to pursue other projects and wanted to be seen as more adult and sexy," Jaxson said. "So after the laptop was stolen we used it as an opportunity to drum up some publicity and start speculating about nude photos, but we never expected anything to get out." Jaxson said the photos were actually stolen from the starlet's Sidekick phone (not her laptop) so it's under suspicious circumstances as to how the photos have been made public. The news of the staged nude photo leak comes after Jaxson defended Bailon, saying her photos were meant to be private and she was distressed by the shock it had cause her fans. "Adrienne and her boyfriend (Kim Kardashian's younger brother Robert) swear they didn't leak them, but it wouldn't surprise me if Adrienne did." It's either her or someone very close to her," Jaxson added. "Things are pretty ugly, what should have been an image boost has really turned around and bitten her in the butt." reports today that Jaxon says the pics were leaked "purely to get attention." In an interview with a local CBS affiliate, Jaxson confirmed what anyone with brain has surmised all along: the entire naked picture scandal was made up in order to "juice" Bailon's career. "What better way to do that than to say that nude pictures could have been stolen from her laptop?" Jaxson asked, as if that's the only way any singer has ever made it to the top.

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