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Monday, January 4, 2010

Conveyor Belt of Love: Do You Love or Hate The Conveyer Belt Idea?

conveyor belt of love

Every now and then, a reality show comes along that makes me wonder, "what was the guy who came up with this one sipping that day?" Conveyor Belt of Love is one of those shows. Here's the Conveyor Belt of Love description from ABC:

"Five women take a shot at finding love when 30 men are given the chance to impress them as they pass by on a moving conveyor by one the 30 men are presented on the 'Conveyor Belt of Love' to the five women and given 60 seconds to impress them. If a woman is interested in someone, that man will step aside and wait as the rest of the men go by. But if another man comes by on the belt who seems better than that woman's first choice, she can swap out the man waiting off of the belt as many times as she wants until the last man has passed by."

The show ends with the women going on dates with the their conveyor belt picks. romantic?

Conveyor Belt of Love sounds ridiculous, but what do you think of the show after watching ABC's one hour special on Monday night? Did you love it or hate it?

Depending on the show's performance in the ratings, ABC might order up some more episodes in the coming months.

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