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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cookie Johnson Jeans (VIDEO)

Cookie Johnson jeans were recommended by Oprah. Cookie Johnson jeans are part of the CJ line from Cookie Johnson, former wife of Magic Johnson. CJ jeans are made for women with a booty and bucks. If you're on a budget, Lee jeans for women and Chaps jeans are great alternatives.

Oprah slipped into Cookie Johnson jeans for a recent "O" magazine cover shoot. Oprah was so impressed, she talked about CJ jeans on her website, stating they were the "perfect jeans for real women with real booties. For three days straight, I had on the jeans."

As a real women with a real booty who loves jeans, I want to check out Cookie Johnson jeans. I'll have to wait for them to hit clearance racks because full price CJ jeans are around $150. Lee jeans for women run about $35.

I do like the fact Cookie Johnson jeans are cut full in the back yet low in front for a fashionable look. I don't like that "mom" look so often my jeans are slung too low. My daughter showed complete disapproval when my thong was peeked out by accident once. Who wants to wear tunic tops all the time?

I used to love J Lo jeans because they were made for women with booty. I still have a treasured pair of cream colored corduroys with rhinestones on the back pockets. I was sad to see J Lo jeans go in 2007.

Lee jeans for women are always an afforable, attractive alternative. I recently discovered Chaps jeans at Kohls. They fit well, look sleek and come in an array of sizes.

Another favorite I recently discovered are jeans from the Talbots. I love the Talbots clothes because they look classy wherever you go. Often Talbots jeans are expensive, too, unless you catch an online clearance or outlet sale. Talbots jeans can cost anywhere from $30 to $150, depending on the material and style.

What do you think of Cookie Johnson jeans? Do you wear classic Lee jeans for women? What are your fave jeans brands? I remember designer jeans from the 80s...who didn't have Jordache, Sassoon, Gloria Vanderbilt...and do you remember Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back?

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