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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cool and the Gang : FULL VIDEO

Cool and the Gang, better known as Kool and the Gang, and their numerous hit songs including “Celebrate” and  “Get Down on It,” have performed at places where they seemingly were loved unconditionally.

No record store has ever sold their music, and no-one had ever seen them perform live, but the Cubans have taken them into their hearts for years.
Cuban filmmaker Gloria Ronaldo said the bands sounds of funk, provided the soundtrack for her generations youth. And even though in the 60’s there was a communist government movement that outright banned American music and looked down upon it in the next decade, when it was rarely heard on government airwaves. Ronaldo recalls it being played everywhere.

But Sunday at the Miami stadium for the Orange Bowl, the “gang” rocked the stadium with a performance that set the halftime crowd ablaze. One of the biggest and best bands of the 60’s and 70’s they literally performed like it was a concert. At the Land Shark Stadium, Florida the band including brothers Robert and Ronald Bell along with the rest of the “Gang” gifted the fans and the viewers to a performance not often seen these days.
There are even reports of this halftime show being the best one ever! The guys gaining new fans while thrilling old one’s.
Kool and the Gang have sold over 70 million albums worldwide, and are a American Jazz.R&B/ Soul/Funk and disco group, who originally formed in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1964.

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