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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kool and the Gang: Kool and the Gang heated up the freezing Miami at Orange Bowl Halftime Show

The Orange Bowl game at LandShark Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida had a grand show during the halftime when the R&B and jazz band “Kool and the Gang” performed live with their rocking performance.
On 5th January 2010, the interval show during the game of Orange Bowl was one of the greatest ever when the R&B group of the 60s-70s had a live concert in the Miami stadium. The whole ground got heated up with their intense performance beating the coldest ever temperature at Miami! The brothers Robert and Ronald Bell along with the rest of the band gave their best performances and gifted the viewers a gala time.
There was no doubt that Orange Bowl had the best Halftime Show ever! The Kool men proved their worth and showed they were still capable to give an incredible concert. Their voice and performance style seemed to be the same way it used to be and hadn’t gone down with time.
We hope the American college football crazy spectators had a grand celebration on Tuesday and much of the credit goes to Kool and the Gang as well.

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