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Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeff Bridges Golden Globe

Latest news updates Jeff Bridges Golden Globe
: A folksy looking and sounding Jeff Bridges (above, in Crazy Heart), not George Clooney (for Up in the Air), got the chance to thank family (including father Lloyd Bridges and his mother, who died last year), friends, and co-workers. Although Bridges’ win wasn’t a total surprise, many of us were expectingGeorge Clooney, who looks more like the type of guy the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would go for.
After all, they chose Sandra Bullock for the box-office hit The Blind Side, Meryl Streep for the box-office hit Julie & Julia, and Robert Downey Jr for the box-office hit Sherlock Holmes. Crazy Heart, a drama about an aging country singer, has grossed about 1/1000th of what those movies made. Up in the Air, though hardly a gigantic hit, is doing quite well at the box office, and as I said before,George Clooney is, well, George Clooney.
The real big surprise of the evening, however, was James Cameron’s win. Again, that wasn’t a total surprise, mind you, but I believe that most people (including winner Cameron) were expecting to hear the name of The Hurt Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow despite her movie’s meager $12 million at the domestic box office. She’d have been a female best director winner (the second one, after Barbra Streisand), and it’d have shown that HFPA members are almost like movie critics in their discerning taste.

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