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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watch the Apple Announcement 'Live' FULL VIDEO

Today, Steve Jobs will announce the new Apple tablet (iSlate, iPad?) at the Apple press event. Everybody’s trying to find a place to watch the Apple announcement live. But, sadly, there a live feed doesn’t exist.

The next best thing is the live blog. Apple allows journalists to use liveblog applications during the press conference, so that’s the best place to get your Apple news. I linked to the best live blog, Gizmodo on the left. Just follow the HTML link to log in and get live updates as they’re announced. Remember, the Apple press conference starts at 10 AM, Pacific.

So, what can be expected at the Apple announcement press event? Well, clearly, there will be news about the newest Apple produce, the Apple Tablet (iSlate? iPad?) Various sources are expecting that several media deals will be announced – so that the Apple Tablet will have exclusive content – probably a New York Times’ e-book edition, perhaps one from the Wall Street Journal, or even a deal with FOX News. Nobody knows for sure.

The most important Apple announcement will be related to the iPhone, Apple’s communications device. Sadly, the iPhone is tied to AT&T. The big announcement will be a Verizon iPhone. Then, all those rich moms and dads will get their kids an iPhone. (Verizon has some 91.2 million subscribers.)

AT&T has about 81.6 million customers. Back when the iPhone was launched, it was popular to switch mobile carriers just to get an iPhone. But those kinds of sales ended quickly, and many have wondered how much longer Apple is going to wait to cash in on Verizon’s market share.

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