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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did the Groundhog See his Shadow in 2010

Ground Hog
Ground Hog
So guys, we have a Cold News for you as today on Groundhog day, two groundhogs have predicted that we’ll have to wait 6 more weeks to enjoy spring. Milltown Mel is the groundhog of New Jersey who predicted a cold weather in front of 200 spectators. Similar prediction is made from his brother Punxsutawney, Pa from South. Punxsutawney told in the ear of his master that you people will have to face winter season for 6 weeks more. However, Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow and his predictions are showing that spring will come in next two weeks. So, on which groundhog you believe?
There in Canada, there groundhog is also predicting about a cold weather. 2 years old Mel is the pet of Jerry and his wife Cathy who started that tradition in New Jersey in 1994 when a film with the same title was released. Historically, the tradition belongs to Germans who first started predicting using hedgehogs and legions of Roman Soldiers spread it.

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